A series of five guides designed for anyone who wants to do advocacy to bring about improvements in teacher training towards more disability inclusive education
The introductory booklet includes cover-page images for the remaining four guides that are titled: Policy, Curriculum, Materials, and Methodology.

Cover page of the Promoting Inclusive Teacher Education Series

This publication set is a series of five guides for anyone who wants to advocate for improvements in pre-service teacher training towards more disability inclusive education. The guides discuss challenges and barriers to inclusive education in different areas of teacher education. They outline ideas for advocates to consider and adapt for effective advocacy towards more inclusive practices. The five advocacy guides include:

  1. Introduction
  2. Policy: How to advocate for policies that promote more disability inclusive training programs for teachers
  3. Curriculum: How to advocate for making the pre-service curriculum used to train teachers more disability inclusive
  4. Materials: How to advocate for making the materials used to train teachers in teacher training programs more disability inclusive
  5. Methodology: How to advocate for the methodology used in teacher training programs to be more disability inclusive

This series is tightly focused on people who want to advocate for programs that better prepare teachers to include students with disabilities in their classroom. It does not discuss how to make schools or school curriculum for students more inclusive.

This resource was published by UNESCO Bangkok.

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